RTA – The Roads and Transport Authority

RTA – The Roads and Transport Authority is the major independent government roads & transportation authority in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We worked on various engagements with them.

  • Unified Automated Fare Collection – RTA took the initiative of centralizing the payments and processing through a pervasive ‘Smart card’. With a virtual purse for the commuter along with a secure way of deduction and settlement through a clearing house. We worked as a business strategy partner to define the department’s business / operational strategy, wrote Policies, Procedures and Controls for Card Issuing, Clearing and settlement between departments, defined the RFP, evaluation criteria and conducted Technology vendor onboarding.
  • Consultancy Arm for investments department – RTA had established an investments department that aimed to start consultancy work for other Government and Transportation entities outside Dubai. We were involved in the supporting RTA to build technical and business cases to bid on other projects.
  • Corporate PMO – RTA aimed to build up a central PMO function within the Chairman’s office at the time when the Government was focusing on building core infrastructure across all its transportation agencies – Rail, Roads, Bus, Marine and Taxis. We had been engaged to create and manage the PMO to devise the Corporate PMO strategy, IT governance structure, resources, reporting mechanisms, operations manual, Change Management across key departments and executed the operations of PMO for almost a year.
  • Omni Channel experience and new revenue opportunities – The Licensing Department of the Authority aimed to improve its service delivery to the customers and introduce a number of channels based on the customer segmentation. We were engaged in the preparation of the technical and financial business case for introducing new channels. We also devised the implementation plan for these new channels, and also developed new revenue generating opportunities and their business cases.

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